'Michel Murabito' - Azure Meetup Milano

Michel Murabito

Developer Advocate - Mia-Platform

Currently holding the position of Developer Advocate at Mia-Platform, he began writing software for fun at the age of 12. He landed his first job at 18 as a Software Developer, and from there, he started exploring various contexts and new opportunities for professional growth. He worked as an employee and a freelancer, collaborating on several technological projects for the Sicilian Region, MiBACT (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage), and numerous digital startups and innovative products for large international clients. 

Among his greatest passions is sharing new technologies and how developers can help create better products; between 2021 and 2022, he participated as a speaker in 60 events and conferences in Italy and Europe. He has started publishing content on these topics on the YouTube channel DevelopersLife, which now has 2600 subscribers and a community of over 750 members behind it.

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