'Lorenzo Barbieri' - Azure Meetup Milano

Lorenzo Barbieri

Principal consultant - SoftwareOne

From the moment I turned on my Vic-20, 40 years ago, I knew my life was aimed at technology. I've always been the first in line to test out new products, services, gadgets, especially those which promised to change people’s lives. I’ve always been a tech superhero.

After all these years, my personal mission went from changing the world through technology to improving the world, one human interaction at a time. Changing the way people live in the digital age is possible only by addressing the human factor, together with technology.

As a Cloud Architect and Evangelist, I’ve presented technical and business content to a wide range of different audiences, from executive meetings to large developer conferences, including many online and in-person events, and I was recognized as the “best speaker” multiple times, thanks to a clever mix of storytelling and technology.

I wrote many books about the so-called “soft skills”, like public speaking, and about Azure. You can find all the links on my personal homepage.


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